They say, I am their  ” BUNSO” with a big heart, thunderous voice (nyak!) but Bunsay  in height. Nevertheless, I am a darling in a live wire of the pack. A lovable, jovial and a filial daughter (char! buhatin ba ang sariling bangko?) I am lively with playful disposition. I am delighted in everything ridiculous.

Music is my passion. I love it so much! Love to laugh and love to talk a lot (kasi madaldal!) And maybe that’s the reason why I am here making noise at RADYO PINAS. Sometimes, it is nice to be talkative, isn’t it? ‘m’ lol!

I hailed from the beautiful island of Leyte, Philippines. And now, recently, working here in Singapore  (Dakilang OFW!).

I am a simple and ordinary woman who really and truly has passion for music. I am 18 years old (HA HA HA AH, sa isip lang!)  ..3x years old.  I started as a dj here in WWW.RADYOPINAS.COM last Feb.2011 ( yay! happy almost anniversary to me, jijij) (Vital Statistic  24″-24″-24″ hahaha coca cola in can pala!!!)

“Do you know whos that girl is?…..cheding! chedang!”  I am Dj Insyang Kalerkey here in And YES! That’s me!!!

“If you think that your life  is out of tune, Stand up!
Take a deep breathe.
And, check your computer.
Baka  naman kasi sistah hindi ka naka RP!”