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The Excitement on the Less Traveled Road!!!

My father, getting frustrated with my frequent moves from jobs and residences, said this cliche with conviction, “A rolling stone gathers no moss!”   Being the

May 58, 2012 Thoughts
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My Road….

      Oftentimes in life, we stand at a crossroad where we are asked to make a choice. More often than not, we chose a road

May 45, 2012 Thoughts

The Holy Sacrament

As a community of believers whose lives are centred around the Eucharist, we form the Mystical Body of Christ, Christ’s visible presence in the world.

May 28, 2012 Food for the Soul

Healing of the Sick

The healing of the sick has been an important component of Christian life and ministry since the earliest writings of the New Testament. The Gospels

May 48, 2012 Food for the Soul

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