My father, getting frustrated with my frequent moves from jobs and residences, said this cliche with conviction, “A rolling stone gathers no moss!”   Being the out-of-the box thinker that I am, I replied with so  much more conviction, “A stationary stone doesn’t get anywhere!”  All he could do was shake his head.   Then, I moved again, this time out of the country.


I could have just threaded the path everyone has been traveling.  It would have been easier.  Everyone knows me and my parents who were before me in that path .  I could have just have gone through so easily and everything will fall into place.  By staying, I could have gathered so much moss! I would just have had the moss my parents and  relatives have gathered.   But where are all the excitement there? None, zero, because I don’t get any where too!

Becoming the rolling stone in the less traveled road would never ever get me to gather moss but it gets me to places and it allows me to know different personalities.  It makes me realize that there are personalities I need to avoid – those that think they are always right!    It allows me to view different things from  different perspectives.   It helps me to to overcome sentimentality that keeps me to hold on to things even if they don’t work out.  It allows me to see that when something doesn’t work out,  it isn’t meant to be.  It makes me realize too that sometimes all it takes is just to move on. It doesn’t get you stuck with people and experiences that are less appealing!   It makes me see that nothing in this world is permanent – there is always change.  Once I am  ready to embrace change, I am ready to take on what life has in  in store  for me!!! Isn’t that exciting?

When I chose to thread the less traveled road, I know it gets me somewhere, but I’ll never know what’s in every bend and curve.   Every step of the way is a new experience.  Every jump is a leap of faith!!   Knowing that the path I have chosen is never easy and also knowing that there is a greater God who will  help me every step of the way if I let Him is the added excitement.  Wandering into the unknown world keeps my faith in check.  It keeps me in constant communication with my Creator.  I depend on his Omniscient  perspective for I know nothing of the road I am traveling!   So far, I have stumbled here and there on the less traveled road, but for every downfall is a regained strength to start all over.  That is the other excitement, knowing you can fall but you can start all over again!!

Feel the excitement,  thread the less traveled road! Travel it with faith.