Notice how the flowers grow in the field they neither toil nor spin yet our Heavenly Father takes care of them. Flowers… colorful, filled with variety of colors and sizes would always brighten one’s day. Whether you receive them on a birthday, valentines day, mother’s day, teacher’s day, engagement,  on your wedding day or even when you’re sick they bring a smile on your face and brighten up your day. They communicate love, thoughtfulness and kindness that spring from the heart that is filled with goodwill.

Though there is one pressing reality about flowers. Flowers do not come every single day of our lives as you have noticed. They come on certain occasions and we do not get them in abundance. There is also a paradox that flowers bring. They come in abundance in a wake or funeral and on All Soul’s Day flooding every cemetery. I am not sure if we realized that those we are offering flowers to could no longer say “Thank You!” Moreover, they can no longer appreciate the beauty and the message those flowers bring.The saddest thing is- we have not lavished them with flowers when they were yet alive.

So why not give flowers to the living…. They symbolize our appreciation and affirmation to the people around us. Instead of criticisms, judgments and negativity why not give flowers to show endearment, forgiveness and acceptance. Give flowers to the living and make them feel important. Life would not be as wonderful if these people have not crossed our path and made us the beautiful persons that we are today.