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St Augustine’s sermon On Pastors

The church, like a vine, grows and spreads everywhere. They are straying across the mountains and the high hills, they have been scattered over all

November 35, 2012 Food for the Soul
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Libro Para sa Kabataan

A single book can make a profound & lasting impact in the lives of children who reside in an archipelago composed of 7,107 beautiful &

June 52, 2012 Giving

The Word of the Lord Remains Forever

I remember hearing the story of a priest who, when asked for advice on how to avoid future sin, encouraged his listeners to dig a

June 58, 2012 Food for the Soul

The Holy Sacrament

As a community of believers whose lives are centred around the Eucharist, we form the Mystical Body of Christ, Christ’s visible presence in the world.

May 28, 2012 Food for the Soul

Healing of the Sick

The healing of the sick has been an important component of Christian life and ministry since the earliest writings of the New Testament. The Gospels

May 48, 2012 Food for the Soul

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